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Professorial power or freedom of research?

Traditional Danish university freedom was severely restricted by a new university law introduced by the present conservative-liberal (in the European sense) government in 2003. A group of Copenhagen university professors are now opening up for blog discussions about the law and its consequences. The new blog was initiated last autumn by Curt Hansen, an associate professor in education, under the (slightly ironical?) name Professorvældet (‘Professorial power’), but it was recently renamed Forskningsfrihet? (‘Freedom of research?’) to strengthen its legitimacy as a serious forum for discussion of current issues in Danish university and research politics. (Frankly, I think I like the name Professorvældet better — in the long run irony is a better weapon against populist politics than seriousness.) Anyway, good luck!

Thomas Söderqvist

Author Thomas Söderqvist

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