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Biomedicine in museums

New Damien Hirst exhibition on creation and decay in hospitals (White Cube, London)

The art gallery White Cube in London has just opened an exhibition of new works by Damien Hirst, called “Beyond Belief“:

In this exhibition, Hirst continues to explore the fundamental themes of human existence – life, death, truth, love, immortality and art itself. In two new series of paintings – the Fact Paintings and the Biopsy Paintings – Hirst confronts, as he puts it, ‘the intense joy and deep-set anxiety we can all feel in hospitals, where we are surrounded by both creation and decay’.

In the Biopsy Paintings, Hirst uses broken glass, scalpel blades and blood-like paint to create pictures based on microscopic images of different forms of cancer and other terminal illnesses. Like this one:

(Damien Hirst: “Appendix cancer light micrograph”).

More on the exhbition website. Show closes on 7 July. Must see it when I’m in London the last week of June. But I will probably be terribly disappointed …

(thanks to Martha for spreading the news)

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