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New blog for the history of psychology looks promising

By September 15, 2007No Comments

Jeremy Trevelyan Burman and Christopher D. Green at York University’s psychology department have run a blog for the history of psychology for a couple of months now.

Advances in the History of Psychology (are they really happy with that ‘Advances’ name?) contains the usual blog-style mix of news items, comments on the literature, job announcements etc from the history of psychology and related areas (psychiatry, medicine etc) — a useful bulletin board for anyone who wants to get some more inside info about what’s going on in the history of psychology community.

AHP has the potential to develop into a serious web-based newsletter for the history of psychology. Jeremy is a doctoral student in the history and theory of psychology with a radio producer background, and Chris is a full-time professor of  psychology and philosophy, who specialises in the history of psychology; he’s currently editor of Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences and president of the Society for the History of Psychology.

It will be interesting to follow AHP. Maybe it will sooner or later merge with the Society for the History of Psychology website and/or newsletter?

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