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Neurosurgeon at the age of 100

By August 21, 2007No Comments

I have to confess (blushingly) that I find this short, and very PICOnion News Network news item about the 100 year old neurosurgeon Carl Wainwright quite funny.

Probably because it (somehow obliquely) reminds me of this summer’s much belated but nevertheless extraordinary reading experience — Ian McEwan’s novel Saturday, in which the major protagonist is a perfect neurosurgeon in his prime.

It also (and more embarassingly, I think) reminds me of our own temporary exhibition ‘Oldetopia’ that is scheduled to open on October 11, and which includes a series of 15 absolutely fantastic pictures of 100 year old Danish men and women made by artist Liv Carlé Mortensen. More about the exhibition in a later post — and hopefully, by then, I will be able to erase my inner images of Dr. Wainwright.

As usual when it comes to news from The Onion, one should listen to the story with a huge pinch of salt (as they say  ‘The Onion is not intended for readers under 18 years of age’) but it may still have a lasting effect, I am afraid.

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