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Biomedicine in museums

MRI and technomedical gaze in Sweden, 1980-

Today, the Department of History of Science and Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm had invited to a discussion seminar about Isabelle Dussauge’s final draft for her doctoral dissertation, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Technomedical Gaze in Sweden (1980-2000+). I had been asked to open the discussion with a summary of the pros and cons of the draft manuscript and then we had a lively two-hour exchange about Isabelle’s theoretical perspective (foucauldian MRI-‘gazes’) and her rich empirical material on the historical actors’ narratives. Watch out for the announcement of the public defence later this year.

Isabelle Dussauge contemplating a comment from the room

Two of Isabelle’s supervisors, Arne Kaijser (in red jacket) and Eva Åhrén (to the left of Arne)

The Department of History of Science and Technology seminar group

Thomas Söderqvist

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