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Biomedicine in museums

Morbid anatomy for connoisseurs

The signature JE has recently created “Morbid Anatomy: Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture”, a blog that surveys museum and library websites for pictures of paintings, photos and posters dealing with post-mortems, pathological anatomy etc., with short commentaries. This could well develop into a useful ‘gatekeeper blog’ (I like the idea of gatekeeper blogs better than that of ‘web portals’) for an overview of the cultural border between anatomy and art. (But I cannot help being disturbed by not knowing who JE is. The anonymity takes my attention away from the pictures.)

Added 18 June: our anonymous but trustworthy East Coast deep throat has disclosed that the author of ‘Morbid Anatomy’ is not only a correspondent for the Athanasius Kircher Society but also responsible for the fabulous astropop-website. Enjoy these indulgements in museological and iconographical curiosities.

Thomas Söderqvist

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