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Biomedicine in museums

Mon de også er interesserede i medicinske instrumenter 1955-2005?

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Konference om “Who needs scientific instruments?”, Museum Boerhaave, Leiden, The Netherlands, 20.-22. oktober 2005

Museum Boerhaave would like to announce that it is organising a three day conference on scientific instruments, their use and their users from the 19th till 22nd of October 2005. The centre of attention of this conference will be the users of scientific instruments. During the conference the users’ role will be explored in three different topics:
– The Status of Instruments,
– Location & Organisation,
– Innovation.
These topics have been chosen because they cover a large area in the field of the instrument-based history of science. We hope that studying the interrelations of the three distinct topics will result in a new synthesis in which users and their instruments function as cornerstones in the history of science. We therefore invite historians of science as well as historians of scientific instruments to give their views and discuss the users and use of scientific instruments.

Further information on registration, presentations and accommodation will be available in the first call for papers in early spring 2005.
Bart Grob
Hans Hooijmaijers
Museum Boerhaave
The Netherlands

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