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Biomedicine in museums

Michelle Barker and Boo Chapple on art and biomedicine

By October 21, 2007No Comments

The abstracts of the two contemporary biomedicine-oriented talks at the conference ‘Re:place 2007: the Histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology’ in Berlin next month (see earlier post here) have now been put on the net, namely

  • Michelle Barker‘s (School of Media Arts, University of New South Wales) paper “From Life to Cognition: Investigating the Role of Biology and Neurology” (see abstract here)
  • Boo Chapple‘s paper “Sound, Matter, Flesh: A history of crosstalk from medicine to contemporary art and biology” (see abstract here).

Interesting papers which I believe are potentially very relevant for future contemporary biomedical history exhibition practices.

(thanks to Ingeborg for the links) 

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