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Biomedicine in museums

Meeting in the Universeum network, Lisboa, 6 – 8 July 2007.

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The Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon will host the next Universeum Meeting (, 6-8 July, 2007.

Preliminary programme.

The first day will be devoted to talks by participants under the general theme ‘University Heritage: Universal Heritage?’ As you know, ICOM’s proposed theme for 2007 International Museum Day is ‘Universal Museums’. The topic has been in the museum community agenda for a couple of years and it might be worth discussing its implications for university museums and university heritage, particularly in Europe. Do university museums have a universal dimension? Is university heritage universal heritage? If so, in what respect and to what extent? What are your thoughts?

If you are planning to present a talk discussing a case-study, exploring an argument, or simply sharing your reflections on this matter, please do consider sending your title and abstract (max 200 words) by 31st March. As usual, papers will be in English (20 min + 10 min discussion; if there are more talks than expected, this may change to 15 min)

The second day will be devoted to a discussion of the Universeum network, and the third day is set aside for a visits to university museums in Portugal.  

Interested potential participants should contact Marta C Lourenco, Museum of Science, University of Lisbon,, and let her know, 1) if you are planning to come so that we have a better estimate of the number of participants; 2) if you planning to present a talk on the first day (no need for abstract yet); 3) your suggestions and thoughts about the second day debate (speakers, chairperson, structure, etc); 4) if you would be interested in visiting some university museums and collections in Portugal and, 5) if so, would this be more convenient on the 5th or on the 9th?

Universeum Meetings have no registration fees. Travel, accomodation and other expenses are to be covered by the participants.

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