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Biomedicine in museums

Medicine on blog display: opening the black box of surgery and anasthesia

Only a few years ago most bloggers were happy, omnivorous amateurs who wrote about anything that happened to pass by their computer screens. Now more and more professionals are discovering the networking powers of the medium. I’m particularly intrigued by the rapid emergence of blogs from all over the medical world—it’s like a prairie fire! Consider, for example, this list of blogs by surgeons and anaestesiologists (taken from SurgeXperiences):

Admittedly, they range from serious institutional blogs to somewhat ridiculous first-person ramblings, but this is part of the charm and strength of the genre. Together these first-hand reports give an amazing insight into the personal and social world of medicine, in this case surgery/anaesthesia. By opening up the otherwise black (or green?) box of the surgical profession, these and many other blogs constitute an important addition to the published sociological, contemporary-historical and autobiographical literature of the field, and a increasingly important source of inspiration for science studies scholars.

Thomas Söderqvist

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