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Biomedicine in museums

Medical images in fashion and design

Koen Hauser’s art work Modische Atlas der Anatomie is perhaps misplaced on this blog. It doesn’t have much with contemporary biomedicine to do (it draws on a long tradition for using macroanatomy, pathology and prosthetics for curious art works), and it has circulated in the medical sector of the blogosphere for quite a while now (see e.g., Street Anatomy and Unbounded Medicine):

But I nevertheless think Hauser’s work is worth drawing attention to, because it reminds us of the potential use of medical (and biomedical) images in contemporary fashion and design. Commercial designers seem indeed to agree: The Virtual Shoe Museum already uses another of Hauser’s works in their collection.

Wouldn’t the next step beyond the anatomical body be to create images of postgenomic ‘anatomical ‘ structures, for example from proteomics, for fashion design?


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