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Biomedicine in museums

It's Alive: A Laboratory of Biotech Art

If you happen to pass by the gallery at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass., don’t miss their new exhibit “It’s Alive! A Laboratory of Biotech Art” which runs another three weeks, until 7 April 2007.

Biotech art is an emerging and diverse field that is still in the process of defining itself. This exhibit is an investigation of the current intersections of biology, technology, and art. In a world rapidly transformed by science and technology, it is proving difficult to keep up with current developments. With news of genetic engineering regularly making headlines, a growing number of artists have perceived the cultural and aesthetic significance of biotechnology. Artists play an important role in our understanding of the biotechnological world, making it emotionally and intellectually accessible enough for discussion or debate. Participating artists are Adam Brandejs (Toronto, ONT), Shawn Bailey (Montreal, QC), Brian Burkhardt (Boston), Jennifer Hall (Boston), Blyth Hazen (Boston), Steve Hollinger (Boston), Kevin Jones (New Orleans), Brian Knep (Boston), Hunter O’Reilly (Chicago), Tanit Sakakini (Boston), Jennifer Willet (Montreal, QC).


See also the review of the exhibition in The Scientist’s on-line issue, March 8.

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