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Biomedicine in museums

"Inventorying and preserving university collections – what for?" — Universeum Network Meeting, Strasbourg 22-24 June, 2006

The Universeum network annual meetings gather people working in university owned museums. The next Universeum meeting is held in Strasbourg 22-24 June, 2006. Contact Sebastien Soubiran, Mission culture scientifique et technique de l’Université Louis Pasteur, 7 rue de l’Université, 67000 Strasbourg, France ( for further info.

Thursday, 22 June
18h-19h30, registration and welcoming reception, Palais du Rhin

Friday, 23 June
Hôtel de Région
9h00, Registration
9h30-10h00, General introduction Sébastien Soubiran, Frédérique Boura
10h-11h00 Teaching and research work
Sofia Tallas, University of Padou
Alfons Zarzoso, Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya
11h-11h20 Coffee break
11h20-12h30 Teaching and research work (continued)
Kati Heinämies, Helsinki
Collections of the Helsinki University Museum: An educational experience for students and an enjoyable excursion for seniors
12h30-13h45, Lunch, Hôtel de Région
13h45-15h45 Public understanding of science and heritage preservation
Nathalie Nyst, Diana Gasparo, Université libre de Bruxelle
Reet Mägi, Tartu
Promoting public understanding of science and knowledge: University of Tartu Museums and Cultural Tourism
Jean Davoigneau, French ministry of Culture
Françoise Leguet-Tully, Provence-Côte d’Azur Astronomical Observatory
Making collections of astronomical instruments exists: preserving the French astronomical observatories heritage
16h15-19h30, Guided tours, Collection of Egyptology, botanical garden and astronomical observatory
19h30, Cocktail party at the astronomical observatory

Saturday, 24 June
University Louis Pasteur,
9h-10h30, University museum and collections: works in progress
Speakers to be confirmed
10h30-11h, Coffee break
11h-12h30, Guided tour, Museum of zoology
12h30-13h45, Lunch
13h45-15h30, Inventorying and preserving university collections – what for?
Table-Ronde (speakers to be confirmed)
Concluding remarks
16h00-17h00, Guided tour, collections of Anatomy
19h30, Dinner

Sunday, 25 June
10h00, Guided tour, astronomical clock of the Cathedral

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