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Biomedicine in museums

Internal seminar about Medical Museion's new recent-biomedicine research projects, Fri 2 Sept

The first internal seminar on the new recent-biomedicine research projects will take place on Friday 2 September (see meeting agenda here).

The idea of the meeting is to establish a basis for a common understanding of the scope and aims of the project.

We will start at 9am with a presentation of the Medical Museion as it looks now, i.e., our general plans for research and teaching, the status of the collections (+ archive and library), the plans for acquisitions of new objects and archives, the plans for the new exhibitions and other public outreach activities, and how we imagine the role of the new research projects in the development of the institution.

The presentations will be made by Camilla Mordhorst (who is responsible for the new exhibitions), Frank Allan Rasmussen (who is responsible for the collections, archives and library) and myself.

After a break we will continue — interrupted by lunch — with presentations and discussions of each planned/on-going research project.

To facilitate comments and discussion we need some kind of background material from you. As this is an introductory seminar, we are not expecting full manuscripts/papers — but a couple of pages that indicate the aim of your research, your use of empirical material etc., to give the other participants an idea of how they may interact with you in the future. Please send the material electronically to Charlotte Ploug,, not later than Monday 29 August @ 10am. Powerpoint and overhead projector will be available in the meeting room.

The presentations should preferrably be in English. You can use 5-10 minutes for your oral presentation and expect about ½ hour for discussion.

Finally — and equally important — we will set aside at least half an hour at the end of the meeting to discuss the future internal/external seminar format and other suggestions for collaborative initiatives, including the future development of the weblog as experiment in research communication.

As already indicated, there will be beer and wine afterwards. We’ll find out during the meeting if there is basis for an informal dinner afterwards.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday 2 September. If you have any questions, contact Charlotte (, +45 3532 3820) or me (, +45 2875 3801).


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