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Biomedicine in museums

Instrumenter i arbejde

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Her er en annonce for First Dutch International Summer School in the History of Science 2005, som hander om INSTRUMENTS AT WORK (Utrecht, The Netherlands, 3 – 16 July 2005). Mon de også er interesserede i moderne biomedicinske instrumenter? Se opslaget her:

Aim: This Summer School will be organized around the rich collection of historical scientific instruments from the last 500 years kept at Utrecht, and all sessions will employ actual instruments. The emphasis will be on hands-on experience. Examination and testing of historical instruments will be combined with an investigation of the historical records surrounding their employment, the functions they fulfilled within the evolution of scientific disciplines, the rituals of which they formed part, and their wider societal significance.

Participants will be invited to carry out actual experiments with historical tools and to consider both tools and experimental results from a series of methodological angles. They will be exposed to the whole range of instruments from serially fabricated scientific machinery to paper tools. They will be shown the complex and often problematic role of a given instrument within the formation, dissemination or refutation of a scientific theory. They will also be introduced to new ways of understanding instruments as agents of scientific change, as problematic oracles of silent nature, and as icons of cultural identity. Furthermore, they will hear about curatorial aspects of instrument accessing and restoration. Finally, they will be involved in discussions surrounding the functions of science museums and collections of historical instruments.

The summer school, which is jointly organized by historians of science and curators of scientific instruments, is intended for graduate students and young scholars interested in historic scientific instruments.
The Summer School will take place at Utrecht. The program includes sessions at Leiden’s Museum Boerhaave, Amsterdam’s Scheepvaartmuseum (Nautical Museum), Haarlem’s Teylers Museum, and the private Collection Peter Louwman.

Speakers include:
William Andrewes, Paolo Brenni, Thomas Dohmen, Sven Dupré, Marian Fournier, Albert van Helden, Anke te Heesen, Peter Heering, Jan Hogendijk, Stephen Johnston, Christoph Lüthy, Frans van Lunteren, Bert Nederbragt, Rob van Gent, Peter Louwman, Willem Mörzer Bruyns, Lodewijk Palm, Carla Rita Palmerino, Jutta Schickore, Henning Schmidgen, Klaus Staubermann, Diederick Wildeman, and others.

Organisation: Utrecht Institute for the History and Foundations of Science & University Museum Utrecht

Target group: Graduate students and young academics and curators interested in the history of scientific instruments

Number of participants: Maximum 15

Fee: 895 Euro (includes tuition, accommodation, lunches, and excursions)

Accommodation: Arranged through the University

Place: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Period: 3-16 July 2005

Deadline for application: 15 March 2005

Further information and application forms:

Organizers: Dr. Klaus Staubermann, E-mail:
Dr. Christoph Lüthy, E-mail:

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