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Biomedicine in museums

Inquiry about the relation between human anatomical displays and museum visitors

We have received a mail from Ginger Scott, a Masters student in the Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto, who is currently researching the display of human anatomy in museums. Ginger has asked us to distribute this inquiry to our readers:

Through my research, I am particularly interested in the relationship between human anatomical displays (the objectification of death) and the museum visitor and the issues involved when an individual is confronted with representations of themselves as specimens or objects. I am also fascinated by the continued relationship between art and medical science as they have developed hand in hand for centuries. Do you believe that this confrontation is primarily an educational experience, or is it also alienating for individuals who are uncomfortable with the display of anatomy as human form? Please direct me to any other information on these topics if available.

Does anybody have a good answer? You can reply with a comment to this post (below).

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