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How to write a lot

By December 15, 2007No Comments

Academics write, want to write, have to write. Sometimes we cannot, and often we have excuses for not doing it. Therefore there are plenty of guidebooks about how to write and how to write frequently. Honestly, I just love these kinds of books. Like people who like cooking cannot resist the temptation of buying yet another cookbook, like gardeners who stock-pile books about gardening, or like DIY-folks who collect a library of DIY-manuals.

The latest book in my writing self-help pile will be psychologist Paul Silvia’s How to Write a Lot (published by the Am. Psychol. Assoc., 2007) which has been recommended by quite a few reviewers, including the group behind the blog Academic Productivity (see review of Silvia’s book in this post).

(thanks to Gustav for bringing the link to Academic Productivity. Brothers in arms we are …)

Speaking about good academic writing habits — Zenhabits has an excellent post titled “How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List: or, Why Writing It Down Doesn’t Actually Get It Done”. Lots of good tips for all of us who let our writing be disturbed by emails, phone calls — and blog RSS feeds!

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