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Biomedicine in museums

Harvesting mice organs for computer users

By December 26, 2006No Comments

Museum displays are not just about the exhibitions. The museum shop often gets as much, and sometimes more, attention (and usually has more effect on overall income than the entrance fees). We don’t have a museum shop yet, unfortunately, but when we get one I’ll vote for a full series of computer mice in the shape of organs, like this cute little brain mouse from the Swiss mouseware company Pat Says Now (it was used to advertise a pretty stupid movie called “Zoolander” some years ago):

(Nice colour too! Looks like the brain has been dipped in some fluorescent stain)

Now we’re just waiting for a series of mice in the shape of hearts, kidneys, testicles, fibroblasts, T-cells, ribosomes and double-stranded DNA. Send suggestions to the manufacturer.

Thomas Söderqvist

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