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Biomedicine in museums

Google Body

By November 27, 2007No Comments

More on transplantation: The release of Google Body — “a search service aiming to index the internal and external anatomy of every living creature on the planet” — has just been announced. The new service is said to include “a fuzzy-logic ‘match my organ’ feature, which helps users get in touch with the nearest, most suitable donor for multiple organ systems”.

From FutureFeedForward (via Erik/Mymarkup), reflecting the ever-growing nervousness around the expanding Google empire — now also stretching into the medical field (cf. their interest in 23andMe).

Besides this future-dated report from 2022, there are rumours around that Google will in fact launch (a less ambitious, I suppose 🙂 Google Body in 2008-09. Can someone substantiate this?

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