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Biomedicine in museums

Foredrag: "What is new about the 'new' medical technologies?", Kbh, ons 28. sep 2005

Nik Brown (University of York)
“What is new about the ‘new’ medical technologies?”, Kbh, 28. september 2005, kl. 14-16

New medical technologies are increasingly at the centre of novel transformations in the human and social body. While reproduction, health, ageing and dying have long been areas for technical intervention, the emergence of molecular biology and information technology raise far reaching political, social and subjective questions. At this session, Nik Brown will speak on the outset of his and his colleague Andrew Websters recent book New Medical Technologies and Society. Reordering Life, Polity Press (2004), which provides a critical introduction to the role and cultural significance of technological intervention in redefining the boundaries of medicine and the body, tracing this process through the figure of “the life course”. Brown and Webster argue, that while many technologies emerge from and extend long-standing frameworks of medical treatment, genuinely novel and radical challenges to our interpretations of embodiment are emerging.

Sted: Øster Farimagsgade 5, lokale CSS 7.0.18
Tilmelding: Alle interesserede er velkomne. Tilmelding er ikke nødvendig.

Arrangør BioCampus, KU.
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