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Biomedicine in museums

Flying Medical Museion circus

By February 8, 2007No Comments

We (that is, the “Biomedicine on Display” group) were invited to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Monday January 31, to give a minisymposium on our project (see program here). Here is the travel party, i.e., the research group plus our department administrator plus our department’s outreach officer, after arrival at Arlanda airport:

From left to right: Søren Bak-Jensen (curator), Jan Eric Olsén (postdoc), Camilla Mordhorst (asst. prof; head of exhibitions), Sniff Nexø (postdoc), Susanne Bauer (postdoc), Bente Vinge Pedersen (outreach officer), Stine Skipper (administrator), Thomas Söderqvist (professor; head of group), and Hanne Jessen (PhD scholar). Photo: anonymous traveller.

The audience was an assorted group of historians of science, technology and medicine from the regional universitites and the Nobel Museum, a group of public understanding of science scholars from Gothenburg, and a single participant from the Science Museum in London, who was apparently sent out to do some friendly intellectual espionage.

After the two-hour presentation the audience was engaged in a one-hour long discussion about the challenges in representing contemporary medicine in a museum context today. All in all it was a great experience to present all sub-projects in one single package. Definitely worth trying again. Next stop Washington, DC? Thanks Eva Åhrén and Svante Lindqvist and all the other staff at the Nobel Museum (Eva, Ulrika, Aron etc.) for your hospitality and the fine arrangements.

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