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Biomedicine in museums

Faces and attention in the Biomedicine and Aesthetics in a Museum Context workshop, Copenhagen

By September 11, 2007No Comments

Eventually, here are some pictures taken during the workshop.

Some of the workshop participants watching our new exhibition, Oldetopia, in the making:

Sharon MacDonald (left) and Calum Storrie (right):

Jan Eric Olsén (left) and Martha Fleming (right) (co-organisers of the meeting):

Wolfgang Knapp and Richard Wingate (right) discussing something; Cornelius Borck (left) making a point:


Steve Wilson (left) and Miriam van Rijsingen (right):

Arthur Olson in session (left and right):

Our own Camilla Mordhorst and Adam Bencard texting messages in a break:

(From left to right): Natasha Myers, Herwig Turk and Paulo Pereira:

Mariam van Rijsingen and our own Susanne Bauer (left), and Ingeborg Reichle and Cornelius Borck (right):




David Edwards and Claire Pentecost in discussion:

Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer (left) and Paolo Palladino (right):

Ben Fry showing one of his genomic data visualisations while our own Rikke Vindberg watches the dance of the nucleic acids:

That’s all in the folder (did anyone else take some pics?)

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