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Biomedicine in museums

Drawings of/in medicine — in Cambridge and Copenhagen

The art of drawing of/in science and medicine is a summer theme in 2006. Here at the Medical Museion we are opening the exhibition “Sygdommens Ansigt” (The Face of Disease) on Thursday 24 August. 23 artists are participating with drawings of disease inspired by Sontag’s idea of disease as a metaphor. Each artist fills a window on the street level of the museum buildings in Bredgade and Fredericiagade. The exhibition is curated by Copenhagen artists Peter Brandt, Tomas Lagerman Lundme and Maria Wæhrens and runs until 13 October.

The exhibition at Medical Museion runs parallel to the exhibition “Lines of Inquiry: Thinking Through Drawing” that opens at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge on 15 July:

Lines of Enquiry looks at drawing as an exploratory and explanatory tool. From the wobbliest doodle to elaborately detailed expositions, the exhibition shows how we use drawing to think through problems, find out how things work, visualise concepts, order information and communicate to other people. The exhibitions includes drawings by physicists, geologists, architects, engineers, zoologists, archaeologists, palaeontologists, geneticists, surgeons, historians, philosophers, and composers as well as artists.

The Kettle’s Yard exhibition also provides a backdrop to a summer of talks, including:
22 July Tariq Ahmad, reconstructive plastic surgeon
29 July Martin Rudwick, historian
12 August Philip Ball, medical illustrator
19 August Patrick Lynch, architect
26 August Brad Amos, microscopist

For the Medical Museion exhibition, see further info on our website in mid August.
For the Kettle’s Yard exhibition (which ends 17 September), see further

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