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Biomedicine in museums

Devices and designs: Medical technologies in historical perspective

Two years ago the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) at the University of Manchester organised a very good meeting on the material history of science, technology and medicine. Now some of the papers have been re-worked into a volume titled Devices and Designs: Medical Technologies in Historical Perspective, edited by CHSTM staff members Carsten Timmermann and Julie Anderson (Palgrave MacMillan 2006). Chapters include:

  • Bones in Lancashire: Towards Long-term Contextual Analysis of Medical Technology, by J.V.Pickstone
  • Mechanising Medicine: Medical Innovations and the Birmingham Voluntary Hospitals in the Nineteenth Century, by J.Reinarz
  • Private Laboratories and Medical Expertise in Boston circa 1900, by C.Crenner
  • Innovating Expertise: X-ray and Laboratory Workers in the Canadian Hospital, 1920-1950, by P.L.Twohig
  • Artificial Eyes and the Artificialisation of the Human Face, by N.Handley
  • ‘Biotronik’: 40 Years of German Entrepreneurship in Medical Technology, by P.Hidefjäll
  • Building Science-based Medicine at Stanford: Henry Kaplan and the Medical Linear Accelerator, 1948-1975, by T.Ueyama & C.Lécruyer
  • Hexamethonium, Hypertension, and Pharmaceutical Innovation: The Transformation of an Experimental Drug in Post-war Britain, by C.Timmermann
  • Greenhouses and Body Suits: The Challenge to Knowledge in Early Hip Replacement Surgery 1960-1982, by J.Anderson
  • From Epidemic to Scandal: The Politicization of Antibiotic Resistance, 1957-69, by R.Bud
  • Cancer Clinical Trials and the Transfer of Medical Knowledge: Metrology, Contestation and Local Practice, by G.Kutcher
  • ‘The Best Bones in the Graveyard’: Risky Technologies and Risks in Knowledge, by S.Wyatt & F.Henswood
  • The Politics of Endpoints, by S.Blume

Seems to be compulsory reading for historians of contemporary biomedicine! Order it here.

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