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Biomedicine in museums

Curating recent technology — a user-generated project for the collection of oral/written sources and artefacts from information technology of the near past

By November 9, 2007No Comments

It’s not directly history of contemporary medicine — but we could nevertheless learn much from the curation project “Från matematikmaskin till IT” (translation probably not necessary 🙂 initiated in 2004 by the Swedish Computer Association (Dataföreningen i Sverige) together with the Department of History of Technology and Science at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The project focuses on generating new historical source material through interviews, witness seminars and autobiographical narratives. They are also collecting and curating images, artefacts and archival material relating to computers and information technology from the last 50 years.

The scope and size of the project is impressive, as is the enthusiasm and the logistics. Readers of Swedish (a north Germanic language spoken by about 12 mill. people in Sweden and parts of Finland and Minnesota) can read more on the project’s website/blog (powered by Drupal).

(thanks for the tip, Isabelle)

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