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Biomedicine in museums

Cultural Learnings of Biomedicine for Make Benefit of Glorious Institution of Medical Museion

By December 11, 2006No Comments

It’s only two weeks left before Medical Museion enters the centenary year 2007. Our earlier incarnation — the Medical History Museum — was established in 1906-1907. Strictly arithmetically speaking the centenary was in 2005-2006 — but like everyone celebrated the year 2000 as the Millenium year (and not 1999, which strictly speaking was the 2000th year after zero), we have chosen 2006-2007 (and especially 2007 🙂 as our centenary. This is the year when we will intensify our cultural studies of contemporary biomedicine for the benefit of our wonderful and rich collections and displays. This blog too will be revamped for the benefit of those who want to learn more about our research, teaching, acquisition and display projects on contemporary biomedicine. Stay attuned! 

Thomas Söderqvist

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