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Conference 'Health, Medicine, and Bioeconomics into the 21C', 7-9 September 2006

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This call for papers has just arrived from BIOS, LSE:
The BIOS Centre is organizing an international conference on 7-9 September 2006 at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The aims of the conference are to provide a comparative and global perspective on present forms of practice in the life sciences. The Organizing Committee welcomes proposals for individual papers which seek to make conceptually innovative contributions to the exploration of the character and genealogy of transformations in health, illness, vitality, and pathology. We are particularly (though not exclusively) seeking abstracts which relate to following themes:

Social science of regenerative medical technologies:

Papers which explore any area related to the science(s), technologies, regulation, implications and use of regenerative medical technologies such as stems cells, cell cultures, engineered tissues, or xenotransplantation. We welcome papers which explore the social and ethical implications of regenerative medical technologies as they relate to ideas and notions around identity, gender, disability, age, ethnicity, or social class. Papers that explore regenerative medical technologies in relation to concepts such as embodiment, personhood, responsibility, risk and capitalism are also welcomed.

Neuroscience and society:

Papers which explore any area related to the manufacture, governance and implications of new technologies in the neurosciences, such as recent developments surrounding behavioural genomics, psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, consciousness, and the political economy of neuroscience research. In particular, papers which engage with the question of how developments in the neurosciences may be reshaping distinctions between health and illness, treatment and enhancement, normality and pathology.

Bioeconomics and biocapital:

Papers which explore any area related to the regional, national and transnational economic and political implications of developments in genomics and biomedicine, including issues of biological surveillance; trade; the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources; the patenting of genes and living organisms; branding in biomedicine and biotechnology; and the political economy of intellectual property regimes. Papers which embrace terms such as “biocapital” and “bioeconomics” as effective conceptual heuristics to characterize new economic developments, or which critique the usefulness or the novelty of such terms, are equally welcome.

Please submit abstracts (250-300 words) by email to Deadline for abstract submissions: 01 March 2006

Letters of acceptance will be sent by May 1. The conference fee will be £175 (this fee includes registration, lunches, and a conference dinner. It excludes travel and accommodation).

For any further details, please contact the BIOS Organizing Committee (Chaired by Dr. Carlos Novas) via Linsey McGoey, BIOS, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, Web:

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