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Biomedicine in museums

Communicating medicine through displays of images and objects

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On Friday 7 March scholars from Medical Museion at University of Copenhagen, the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden, the Wellcome Collection and the Science Museum in London, and the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) at University of Manchester will come together to discuss how we can bring our research and collections dealing with late 19th and 20th century medicine to new audiences. The workshop is organised by CHSTM with the following programme:

09.30-10.30 Introductions (chair: John Pickstone)

  • Introduction to the issues – John Pickstone
  • Introduction to the Medical Museion – Thomas Söderqvist
  • Introduction to the Boerhaave Museum – Dirk van Delft
  • Wellcome Collection: a new public venue – Lisa Jamieson
  • Introduction to the University of Manchester – Emm Barnes

10.30-12.00: London & Manchester (chair: Thomas Söderqvist)

  • “‘Sleeping and Dreaming’ at Wellcome Collection” – Katie Forde (Wellcome Collection, London)
  • “Communicating Medical Research: Updating the Health Matters Gallery at the Science Museum” – Katie Maggs (Science Museum, London)
  • “Big Machines and Small Wonders: Ingenuity in Adapting Equipment and Engineering Skills to Create Total Hip Replacements” – Francis Neary (Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge)

13.00-14.30: Leiden & Copenhagen (chair: Carsten Timmermann)

  • “Exposing ‘My Skin’: Communicating Body History” – Mieneke Te Hennepe (Boerhaave Museum, Leiden)
  • “Age on Stage: The Making of the Exhibition Oldetopia” – Camilla Mordhorst (Medical Museion, Copenhagen)
  • “Making Sense or Sensing the Made: from historical interpretation to material presence in biomedical museum settings” – Thomas Söderqvist (Medical Museion, Copenhagen)

15.00-16.30: Copenhagen (chair: Emm Barnes)

  • “Curating biomedical software: the case of epidemiological risk assessment tools” – Susanne Bauer (Medical Museion)
  • “Pill cam visions: endoscopic diagnosis as public spectacle” – Jan-Eric Olsén (Medical Museion)
  • “How to make contact with the materialities of recent biomedicine” – Søren Bak-Jensen (Medical Museion)

16.30-17.00: Closing discussion

For more info, contact Emm Barnes

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