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CFP: Representations of infection

By January 18, 2007No Comments

Just want to draw your attention to an interdisciplinary conference on “Concepts of Infection” to be held 29-31 March, 2007 at the University of Bristol (UK). See below or:

‘Conceptions of Infection’ is an interdisciplinary conference, bringing together specialists in the history of medicine and the humanities in order to explore the ways in which infections are imagined, represented, and theorized. Papers may engage with any aspect of infection, from historical examples of single diseases and epidemics (such as plague, cholera, leprosy, syphilis, AIDS, bird flu), to more abstract concepts of pollution and contamination. Topics can include: the ways in which ideas of infection relate to race, gender, sexual orientation, miscegenation, and conceptions of the body and of the self; the language of infection and its use as metaphor; how real and imagined diseases are represented in literature, film, painting, and book illustration; and the ways in which discourses of infection are employed for political, psychological, and polemic purposes.

Speakers include: Sander L. Gilman, Helen King, Anne Hardy, Johannes Tuerk, Stephan Porombka, Yahya Elsaghe, Yvonne Wuebben, Michael Worboys, Philippa Berry, Clark Lawlor, Thomas Ruetten, Cornelia Zumbusch, Roger Cooter, Claudia Stein, Sean de Koekkoe and Uwe Schutte

Proposals, abstracts (maximum 250 words), and single page CVs should be submitted by 21 February 2007 to: Michael Bresalier Visiting Fellow Department of Philosophy University of Bristol 9 Woodland Road Bristol BS8 1TB email: For further information and registration, visit:

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