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Biomedicine in museums

Breakdancing biotech lab objects

Scenes with groups of inanimate objects and tools that come to life when the human beings turn off the light, leave the room and close the door have a long tradition in the animation movie industry (from Disney to clay movies).

The San Diego based, transnational biotech company Illumina which specialises in DNA and RNA analysis has produced a short (and amusing, depending on one’s taste) promotion video with dancing chips and cheering microtubes on a lab bench after working hours. See it here.


Isn’t this yet another example of how the biotech industry is engaged on the same kind of sales strategies as the automobile and other consumer industries? Biotech lab consumers are King — so better cater for their need for a moment of fun, seems to be the intent behind it.

(thanks to zoisci for the tip … and for providing the still)

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