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Biomedicine in museums

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By February 14, 2006No Comments

I thought museums were dwelling in the outer territories of the blogosphere — but mistaken I was. Günther Waibel, who is a contributor to the RLG staff blog hangingtogether (thanks to Constance Malpas, RLG Member Services in New York for drawing my attention to it), has a post about museum blogs where he points out that although some indeed use the medium to reach out to a larger audience, few are so far intended for museum professionals who wish to exchange information.

A nice addition to latter category is, which describes itself as “the place for museum professionals to post ideas, concerns, and questions about the museum industry and our profession” (accordingly I’ve put a post about our blog on theirs). It’s serious — but not as funny as Karolina Uggla’s brand new blog Kuriosakabinettet (so far in Swedish only).

Thomas Söderqvist

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