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Biomedicine in museums

Blogging the gene chip

By December 6, 2005No Comments

Two of my favourite study objects right now are science blogs and gene arrays (there are in fact some interesting structural analogies between these seemingly disparate phenomena which are worth exploring further). So I searched Technorati today (they are now listing amazing 22,4 million blogs) for ‘gene array’ and found
9 posts in the last 410 days. Pathetic — indicates that gene arrays aren’t among the most popular topics in the blogosphere compared to e.g. ‘nanotechnology’ (14,934 posts, including 2o posts in the last 5 hours). Anyway, one of these 9 posts linked to a site called Me overjoyed: at last someone to speak with out there, somewhere. But nowadays you go from euphoria to disappointment in one single click: it has one post only, from August 4, 2005, no comments, nothing. And the text is just BAD science communication. It reinforces the impression that the blogosphere is a mixture of the sublime and the disastrous and that in many areas good old filtered media are much to prefer; cf. Declan Butler’s feature in Nature last week (“Science in the web age: joint efforts“).

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