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'Biomedicine on Display' chosen as a finalist in the Medical Blog Awards 2007 contest

By January 9, 2008No Comments

Today’s good news for this humble blog is that we’ve been nominated as one of the top-five in the category “Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog of 2007” — a contest organised by MedGadget: internet journal of emerging medical technologies.

Our four competitors in this category (there are seven parallel categories altogether) are the following awesome blogs: Ves Dimov’s (Cleveland) Clinical Cases and Categories, medical librarian David Rothman’s, John D. Halamka’s (Harvard Medical School) Life as a Healthcare CIO, and Bertalan Meskó’s (Debrecen, Hungary) ScienceRoll.

These are formidable competitors indeed. The nominating committe says they were selecting from among “literally dozens of candidates in each and every category”, so I think we have to be grateful for being chosen together with these very fine medical blogs.

That said — we’re in it to win! So if you think Biomedicine on Display is the best blog in the “medical technologies/informatics” category, then don’t hesitate to give us your click here!!

(Admitted — “medical technologies/informatics” is probably not the best description of Biomedicine on Display. However, there is no category for medical history, medical science studies, medical communication studies etc., so I guess we were nominated in this category for lack of better choices.)

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