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Biomedicine in museums

Bioephemera vs. bio-curiosities and bio-anecdotes

By December 6, 2007No Comments

I’ve followed Jessica JoslinPalmer’s blog Bioephemera for a while. I’m fascinated by her pictures and meandering thoughts. Many of her posts are inspiring for medical exhibition work (but she’s rarely to the point).

Eventually I found the answer in a February 2007 post, where she writes that Bioephemera is “straddling the awkward rift between biological specimen and art object, and doing so with grace and charm”. There you are! Self-characterisation sometimes hits the nail right on its head!

I wish, though, Jessica could raise herself above the charming stuff now and then and write more about ephemera as an analytical category  — close to curiosities, anecdotes, etc. — for making sense of the contemporary biomedical/biotech world.

Thomas Söderqvist

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