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Biomedicine in museums

An immersive museum and theatre project

Here’s an interesting public-engagement-with-medicine project: Over the last couple of years the award winning Triangle theatre company in Coventry has developed a concept called the Immersive Museum Theatre. Now the Centre for the History of Medicine in Warwick is working with the company to use “museum collections – archives and artefacts – and historic locations as springboards for the development of character, and in the creation of an environment in which to become ‘immersed’ in the material”:

Action is devised by participants engaging with the material, and also drawing from their own experience, by playing out and maintaining roles in group dynamics. This devising process is further enhanced by the input of specialists supplying information – specialists who become participants in the process. While projects usually focus on historical moments to provide themes, they also provide scope for the exploration of contemporary issues.

Sounds like an excellent idea (read more here) for a medical museum—more exciting than most so called ‘science theatres’.

(thanks to Molly Rogers for the tip)

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