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7+7+7 etc. at The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

If you happen to be in Oxford on Saturday, don’t miss The Museum of the History of Science‘s celebration of the-once-in-a-century date 07-07-07, “a day of talks, activities, tours, trails, music and film” revolving around the number 7.

For example a series of seven talks: “Seven Days in the Week” by Stephen Clucas, “Seven Seas” by Elizabeth Baigent, “Seven Years War” by Erica Charters, “Seven Deadly Sins” by Canon Brian Mountford, “Seven Colours of the Rainbow” by Stuart Judge, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by Jack Flavell, and “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” by Michael Vickers.

Other events of the day include ‘Search for Seven: A trail for young visitors’, ‘Seven Stars’ (the most famous seven objects in the collection), ‘Seven Secrets’ (seven objects you might not notice), etc. — and finally The D’Aranyi String Quartet will play Haydn’s quartet ‘The Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross’. Evening visitors can also watch Buster Keaton’s movie ‘Seven Chances’ (but why not Se7en?)

What a creative idea for a science museum event! See the detailed programme here.

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