My name is Thomas and I’m a writaholic!

I have spent 55 years of my life in university environments, first in Sweden, then mainly in Denmark, interrupted by a couple of years in the US and the UK. Originally trained in chemistry and evolutionary biology at the University of Stockholm in the late 1960s, I began my research career in studies of molecular evolution at the Karolinska Institute, but soon switched to the history of ideas and philosophy of science at Umeå University. In 1973 I moved to Denmark where I spent most of my time teaching undergraduates at Roskilde University and writing as a public intellectual for Swedish newspapers and magazines. After completing my PhD thesis on the history of ecology at the University of Gothenburg in 1986, I began take my academic career seriously, specializing in the history of immunology, methodological studies in the historiography of recent science, and scientific biography, and spent a year as a postdoc at Stanford University. In 1999, I was appointed to the chair in history of medicine at the University of Copenhagen and used the next 15 years to build a new kind of biomedical museum institution, called Medical Museion. For details, see links to curriculum vitae, publications, etc. in the column to the right.

In the course of this half century in Academia, I have written hundreds of articles and a couple of books, given even more seminar, lectures and invited talks, trained thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, supervised two handfulls of PhD students, curated a couple exhibitions, and even made a few sci-art works. Over the last 15 years I have also had an increasingly active presence on social media, writing about the interface between biomedicine, aesthetics and museums; and, in the last couple of years, about the genre of autobiography and my own life.

I retired in 2016 and am now emeritus professor in my former department. In addition, I have a secondary affiliation as adjunct emeritus professor in the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University in Sweden.

I also (surprise, surprise!) have a somewhat more private life — but more about that in the forthcoming memoir.

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