My name is Thomas and I’m a writaholic!

My full name is Thomas Söderqvist (né Sven Thomas Rickardsson). On the pages under this heading I summarize my former academic work, including my curriculum vitae, and say a little more about my current emeritus life. For my current research project, see ‘About the project‘.

In November 2016, I retired from the University of Copenhagen after having been an active academic scholar in several countries and institutions for more than half a century — mainly in the field of history of biology/biomedicine and medical museology.

I have taught thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, spent years in archives, written hundreds of articles, chapters and books about my research interests, supervised a dozen phd-students, curated a few exhibitions, tried my hands at collecting museum objects, and even made a few sci-art works.

I’m currently emeritus professor at the University of Copenhagen and affiliated with my former museum, Medical Museion. I also have a secondary affiliation as adjunct emeritus professor in the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University in Sweden.

My current life

On the web


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My pre-retirement career

More about me …

The pages under the heading ‘My life in text & images‘ will contain more about my earlier life.