Texts, texts, texts

Under this heading I’m putting a growing number of different kinds of edited textual accunts of my life — from the very beginning to the present day.
   All these texts are based on the source material (the documents in the archive, my memories, images, and interviews).

Four kinds of textual accounts

Episodic accounts / anecdotes

A basic kind of memoir texts are episodic — short texts about singular events, situations, experiences, based on memories and the archive. Examples are my chemistry studies, the despair I felt when writing my dissertation, and a dream in which I kill my mother. Many of these episodes take the form of anecdotes. See → Episodes and anecdotes

Comprehensive life narrative

The episodes are the bits and pieces (a narrative jigsaw) of the slowly growing comprehensive narrative text (the story) about my life as a whole. This kind of comprehensive text is what we usually think of when we talk about memoirs and autobiographies. See → Life narrative

Thematic accounts

I will also discuss the possibility of writing the memoir thematically.
   Here I see two practical possibilities. Either exploring an overarching theme (a motif) for the comprehensive chronological account. Or organizing the whole memoir thematically instead of narratively (chronologically). See → Life themes


Finally, I will discuss and give examples of the possibility of writing the life in the form of lists of different kinds. Like many other people, I have a special knack for lists. I will not explore the possibility of writing the comprehensive life in list form, but I will contemplate the possibility of writing lists as complements to the narrative or a thematically organized memoir. See → My life in lists