What is this project about?

This is my emeritus project that I have worked on full time since late 2016. It falls in two parts:

1) A practical part, in which I (see → versions of my memoir), in which I:

  • experiment with different ways of accounting for my life in texts and images
  • go through documents in my home archive, interview old friends and colleagues, and actively recall my memories
  • accumulate bits and pieces of my earlier life in episodic accounts, anecdotes, narratives, lists, images, and visualizations

2) An analytical part (see → approaches), in which I:

  • reflect on different approaches to and methods for the study of autobiography and memoirs of relevance for my own memoir writing
  • browse (and sometimes read) the vast and variegated literature on the genre of autobiography, memory, graceful aging, etc
  • discuss aspects of these readings in research seminars and on social media. As a consequence I’m changing, adding and deleting the pages on this site as the project proceeds
  • publish scholarly articles, hold seminars and post on social media, including this → blog

And why do I call it a ‘project’? See discussion of the terms ‘project’, ‘investigation’, ‘study’ etc.) → why ‘project’?

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With my youngest son (summer 2015)My youngest son Jussi was 4 years old when I began working on this project