The archive

Under this heading I describe the sources — text documents, images, memories, interviews, etc. — that constitute the empirical raw material for the accounts of my life.

The physical documents are kept in an archive room in the basement at home. The electronic files (from 1986 onwards) are kept on the university server.

Text documents

The document boxes in the home archive contain private and professional letters (in- and outgoing), private diaries and notes, professional papers (lecture notes, conference talk manuscripts, drafts for articles and books, notebooks etc.), calendars, my grandfather’s daily diaries (1956-1967), etc.

More about the documents in the archive here → (forthcoming)


In the home archive I’m also keeping a couple of boxes with photographic images. More about the contents here → (forthcoming)

I am currently scanning the original photos. They will be put online in galleries → (forthcoming)

Some of the images will be selected for deepened analysis in the form of ‘extended captions’ under the heading ‘Photo autobiography’ → (forthcoming)

Background literature

There exists copious amounts of historical literature and images in the public realm about the last 70 years, about the cities and neighbourhoods where I have lived, and about the institutions (schools, universities) I have been attached to.

I’m listing references to relevant literature here → (forthcoming)


I have so far (January 2018) conducted more than 50 informal and unsystematic interviews of varying length (from a few minutes to several hours) with a number of friends and former colleagues. They are recorded in handwriting, either during the talk or immediately afterwards. I will not transcribe them or put them online, and will keep my informants anonymity.


Memories constitute a very important raw material for my life accounts. Since the spring of 2015, I have therefore continuously recollected and written dowen my memories. More about my work with memories here → (forthcoming)

I’m considering putting the written version of some of them online, without any further interpretations → (forthcoming)