In the course of reading through the archive and retrieving my memories, I began to structure my attitudes and life experiences thematically. On this page I’m exploring a number of these life themes.

For a discussion of the difference between a chronological (narrative) and a thematic approach, see → narrativity–or not.

introvert or extrovert
body experiences (in Swedish)
flärd och fest (in Swedish)
sport och idrott (sports and athletics) (in Swedish)
→ anxieties, fears and phobias
→ love of nature
→ aesthetic sensibilities
→ relation to art
→ relation to music and theatre
→ reading habits
→ hobbies
→ attitude to leadership
→ intelligence
→ empathy
→ deviations from neurotypicality
→ political views and causes

social values
the significant formative events
special people
cherised items
significant accomplishments, successes and mistakes
particularly happy or sad moments