Stable patterns in my life

In my daily work in the archive I’ve observed that many of my ideas, actions and feelings repeat themselves over time. My aesthetic preferences, political and religious ideas, social attitudes, emotional reactions, etc. have apparently remained fairly stable throughout my life course.

I list a number of such life themes to the right.

I’m not yet sure how to use them in the final memoir though. For now, the thematic approach is just a temporary scaffold for the construction of my chronological life narrative. I don’t think I will organize the full memoir thematically. But maybe …

For a discussion of the difference between a chronological (narrative) and a thematic approach, see → narrativity–or not.

A recurrent pattern in my life is my disregard of interour design, as illustrated in this photo. I made this rustic chandelier after moving with my first wife and daughter to Halmstad in southern Sweden in the summer of 1973. (My wife in a green sweater to the left; my one year old daughter on the daycare ‘mum’s knees to the right.)

Life themes

literary interests
introvert or extrovert
kroppserfarenheter (in Swedish)
flärd och fest (in Swedish)
sport och idrott (in Swedish)
anxieties, fears and phobias
→ love of nature
→ aesthetic sensibilities
→ relation to art
→ attitudes to music
→ relation film and theatre
→ hobbies
→ attitude to leadership
→ intelligence
→ empathy
→ deviations from neurotypicality
→ political views and causes
→ social values
→ significant formative events
→ special people; people I admire
→ special events in life
→ cherised material items
→ significant accomplishments, successes and mistakes (lessons in life)
→ particularly happy or sad moments
→ my personality traits (the five-factor model)

→ etc.