Others’ memories

I have so far (December 2019) made more than 50 informal and unsystematic interviews with friends, classmates, and former colleagues.

I haven’t made any systematic selection of interviewees, but have chosen persons that I remember liking at the time or being curious about.  

All interviews were made over the telephone. A few took a only few minutes, some several hours. The longest interview, with an old classmate from the gymnasium years, took about 10 hours, dispersed over several weeks.

Most interviews with old classmates were made while we were watching 

I took notes during the interview, sometimes verbatim, in other cases summaries of the conversation. . No interviews were tapedAlmost all of them have been . Some interview were conducted over seve

They are recorded in handwriting, either during the talk or immediately afterwards. I will not transcribe them or put them online, and will keep my informants anonymity.