Academic book reviews

Review of E. Kormondy and F. McCormick, Contemporary Developments in World Ecology, Westport 1980. Lychnos, 1983: 249-250, 1983.

Review of Martin Kylhammar, Den okände Sten Selander, 1990.VEST–tidskrift för vetenskapsstudier, nr 4/1990.

Review of Alfred I. Tauber and Leon Chernyak, Metchnikoff and the Origins of Immunology: From Metaphor to Theory. Science, vol.256: 1050-52, 1992. (with C. Stillwell)

Review of Christopher Sexton, The Seeds of Time; The Life of Sir Macfarlane Burnet. Bulletin of the History of Medicine, vol.67: 200-202, 1993.

Review of Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen, August and Marie Krogh: Lives in Science. Science, vol.221: 1681-82 1995.

Biografiindustrien (review of M. Egeland, Hvem bestemmer over livet, 2000. Kritik, no.148: 72-74, 2000 (with S. Lindskov Hansen)

Review of B. C. Christensen et al., Dansk medicinhistorisk årbog, 1999. Ugeskrift for læger, vol. 162: 5655 (2000)

Wallace in a colored spotlight  [review of M. Shermer, In Darwin’s Shadow. Science, vol. 298: 1894-95, 2002.

Review of Arthur Silverstein, Paul Ehrlich’s receptor immunology: the magnificent obsession. Bulletin for the History of Medicine, vol. 77: 449-51, 2003.

Review of William C. Summers, Félix d’Herelle and the origins of molecular biology. Lychnos, 2003: 374-75, 2003.

Review of John Tyler Bonner, Lives of a biologist: Adventures in a century of extraordinary science. Lychnos, 2003: 361-62, 2003.

Review of Nathaniel C. Comfort, The tangled field: Barbara McClintock’s search for the patterns of genetic control. Lychnos, 2003: 367-69, 2003.

Review of Nicolaas Rupke, Alexander von Humboldt: A Metabiography, 2005. Isis 2007 XXX.

Review of Sherry Turkle (ed.), Evocative Objects: Things We Think With, 2007, Sherry Turkle (ed.), Falling for Science: Objects in Mind, 2008, and Sherry Turkle (ed.), The Inner History of Devices, 2008. British Journal for the History of Science, vol. 43(3), 506-508 (2010) (pdf)

(I stopped writing academic book review when the directorship of Medical Museion became too demanding).

Review of Keith Wijkander, Naturen inför rätta: skandalen som skakade Vetenskapsssverige, 2017. i Sv Linnésällskapets Årsskrift 2018, ss 161-165 (pdf)

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