The seductive atmosphere of some geographical places

There are geographical places with such a seductive atmosphere — the synaesthetic experience of light and shades, colours, sounds, odours. temperature, tactility, objects — that we will never forget them. They are forever etched in our individual memories. The most important such place in my life is Ripakaisenvuoma, one of the largest mire complex in Swedish Lapland, several square kilometers of swamps, small woodlands, marshes and lakes. My memory of R. involves the bleak midnight sun, hundreds of shades of green, the sound of whooping swans and mosquitos, myriads of odours (but also a significant lack of smell of bog-myrtle), and wading through a jungle of low-growing bushes of willows. Objects: spruces and birds of all kinds and sizes.

(also published on Facebook, 3 September 2015)

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