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On this page I will describe my archive in some detail. A preliminary overview:

  • Incoming letters and carbon/photocopies of outgoing letters (40 box files and ringbinders, 1958 – the present)
  • Diary notes (30 box files and ring binders, 1966 – the present)
  • Professional papers: lecture notes, conference talk manuscripts, drafts for articles and books, etc. (50 box files, 1968 – the present)
  • Notebooks for professional use: notes from readings, ideas, etc. (10 books, 1978 – 1984)
  • Calendars (1972 – the present)
  • My grandfather’s detailed daily diaries (1956-1967)
  • Photos: b&w and colour, diapositivs and paper copies (approx. 1500 photos, 1947 – the present).

The archive as a whole occupies about 20 shelf meters. It is physically kept at home (private notes, correspondence, calendars, diaries and photos) and at work (the professional papers).
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